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Best of all, if you're already a client, the domains purchased through this console will easily be connected with your existing hosting account. Talk to your digital marketing consultant if you would like them to set up the domains on your behalf.

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Have you been left on hold for hours by domain or hosting companies? It was this frustration that caused us to launch our own service in partnership with one of Australia's largest and most reliable domain and hosting networks. In fact 1 in 3 Australian domains are registered within this network. This large-scale partner allows us to achieve wholesale domain pricing alongside the personalised service that only a small business can offer.

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Select the free product "Domain Manager" from the "Hosting Services" menu to access your DNS control settings even without a hosting account. Register here, host anywhere.

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Your domain name should reinforce your brand and be short, catchy and memorable. A common SEO strategy is to use a domain that is an exact match for a common keyword search. This will greatly increase your chances of ranking in the search engines for that search. Of course, over-use of this technique is a very borderline spammy SEO strategy so it's good to consult the experts.

What is a good domain name?

Your domain name, like your business name, is all about branding and clearly differentiating yourself from competitors. Having the right one can even help increase general traffic and repeat visits to your website.

You should aim for a good, short, easy to spell domain that is memorable. Registering a domain name that matches your business name adds credibility.

One domain name or many?

You may consider buying some additional domain extensions such as .com or .net to protect your brand equity. This helps prevents fraudsters posing as you or competitors jumping on your market share.

If your domain is not easy to spell you may consider registering those domains with spelling errors and redirecting that traffic to your website, you can even redirect email from that domain.

What about geographic targeting?

The search engines give local domains more relevance to the search results in that area. So using a domain like is more likely to give you a ranking in Australia than .com or

Some of the most valuable domains and easiest domains to rank in the search engines include an exact keyword match for a geographic area, like ""