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Our optimised AdWords management package will generate high quality traffic, leads and sales that exceed the expectations of even the largest businesses.

Every optimised campaign we work on includes unlimited ad and keyword testing. We monitor your bids on a daily basis, but we also schedule ad and keyword testing, as often as the data we have allows. All our optimised AdWords packages include advanced targeting techniques in order to segment and pinpoint your potential customers precisely. You also have the option to include display/banner advertising with standard or advanced targeting methods. With the display ad management package (+$220) we will even build and test banner ads for you with no extra charge for the creative or design work.

Here are a few of the benefits you will receive:

You will get a free, detailed AdWords proposal
You will get a list of suggested keywords and landing pages
You will have guaranteed budget limits set and never exceeded
You will receive exclusive suggestions for campaign optimisation
You will get increased conversion rates with more targeted traffic
You will get a lower average cost per acquisition (lead/sale/action)

Allow us to give you a free AdWords proposal, which will include what we intend to do and what sort of results you can expect to receive.

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