What you didn’t know about YouTube advertising

Posted on 15 May by Mark Davie.

This week, Google Partners across Australia were briefed on the latest features and statistics relating to advertising on YouTube. From the 45 minute Google Hangout we’ve put together some key facts and information about the world’s second largest search engine.

First of all, we have some basic facts about YouTube viewership within Australia. It might surprise you that YouTube reaches:


What are the strengths of YouTube advertising?

The primary function of YouTube advertising is to generate brand awareness and educate consumers about your product/ service. YouTube varies greatly as compared to a service like Google AdWords in that it reaches people who aren’t necessarily searching for your product. This is effective for targeting users in your key target markets and telling them about your service before they even know that they may want it.

But people just skip YouTube ads right?

Not all the time, and in fact the ability for people to skip gives you great insight into their interaction with your ad. In the figure below outlines how we can analyse your ad’s engagement to separate brand awareness, consideration, intent and conversions.


The first 5 seconds is the most important in your ad. Because the user’s primary goal is to watch a video, most of the time they will skip an ad as soon as possible after the 5 seconds is up. Therefore, your 5 second compulsory impression has to make a fast impact and create a strong emphasis on your brand.

How YouTube advertising compares to TV advertising

Although YouTube advertising may seem very similar to television advertising, there are several key differences. Although TV has a relatively low cost per thousand impressions, YouTube is able to offer much more targeted ad delivery in conjunction with the added interactivity of being able to click through to a business’s website to learn more or convert.

As well as this, in traditional television advertising there’s a series of ads all played in a row, so viewers will change channels until they anticipate the ad will be over. However, in YouTube ads, there is a captive audience for a minimum of 5 seconds and no one would bother putting their attention somewhere else for that short amount of time.

How YouTube Compares to Google AdWords

Where AdWords triumphs is during that moment of relevance where someone is looking for your services and connects them with you. However, what do you do if the user doesn’t know that they need your product or service? This is when YouTube steps in. YouTube is great for building demand and awareness for a product/ market.

In conjunction, the story that a 30 second YouTube ad is able to tell is far more insightful than that of a short text or banner ad in Adwords. However, there is certainly an application for both either individually or together.

Comparison between YouTube Advertising and Advertising on Social Media

Once again, both social media and YouTube have their benefits. It’s our job as digital marketing consultants to direct you towards the solution that will best serve your needs. Social media offers an abundance of opportunity  for getting in front of users and promoting brand awareness. But this is also the biggest downfall of social media. The over-saturation of advertising content on sites like Facebook has created a desensitisation to advertising among users. It’s very hard to stand out in a page full of ads.

Because YouTube only plays one ad before each video, there’s just one message to grab the attention of users.

What is the benefit in having a YouTube Ad manager?

The benefit in having a campaign manager for your YouTube advertising is that you will get ongoing advice on how to get more conversions and engagement as well as showing you exactly what is and isn’t working in your campaign.

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