What is Link Building?

Posted on 3 Nov by Mark Davie.

What is Link Building?

It is not uncommon for people to ask us, what is Link Building? So we decided to put together a brief overview.

Link building is the process of creating high quality external links to your website for search engines to evaluate. A good quantity of high quality links will build trust to your website and show that it is Authoritative. The goal of link building is to change a website’s rankings within search engines as part of search engine optimisation.

Because Google’s search algorithm is highly intuitive, where you build links and exactly how you build them is very important. Building the wrong links to your site can be counter-productive. If you’re doing it yourself, be prepared for trial and error or if you don’t want to invest the time you can hire an SEO consultant to do this work on your behalf.

Below are a few tips on where to build good backlinks for your website. We do have a range of other techniques that make up our “secret ingredients” in campaigns built for our SEO clients:

  • create unique linkworthy content
  • create listings in directories
  • get deep links
  • always avoid acquiring low quality links
  • maintain variety in your anchor text
  • create frequently-shared link bait articles