What is a Landing Page?

Posted on 5 Nov by Mark Davie.

What is a landing page?

How is it used? And, what benefit does it have to my business?

In technical terms, a landing page is any page where a user enters a website. Within the marketing realm, a landing page is a standalone web page that is built using strong theory in order to maximize conversions for a given goal.

There are 2 main types of landing pages which tend to follow the same formula:

Click-through Landing Pages

These landing pages have the goal of getting users to click through to another page. This is generally used for eCommerce/online stores who aim to warm up a user and then send them through to a purchasing page.

Lead Generation Pages

Lead generation pages, as the name suggests, have a primary goal of generating and capturing leads. They do this by clearly describing a product/service, it’s benefits, persuading the user and then ultimately, get them to take action. Whether through giving them a phone number to call, a contact form to complete, a purchase to make or otherwise, the goal is simple and has limited distractions in the process.

There is a 5 ingredient formula to creating a high performance landing page. Contact us for more details.

Answered by Code Digital