What do your colours say about you and your business?

Posted on 11 May by Mark Davie.

Whilst picking colours might seem like the kind of job a child could do, there’s actually much more than meets the eye.

With 80% of business owners believing that design is important to business success, it’s worth putting in the effort to create a visually effective brand.

So what’s in a colour?

Colours have a massive impact on first impressions. They have ability to convey a message of love, trust and even instill hunger in an individual. The colour you choose can completely transform how your customers view your brand.

What do certain colours mean?


The light frequency of the colour red makes it appear to stand off the page more than any other colour. It gives off a message of energy, agressiveness and proactiveness. In conjunction with these emotions, interestingly enough, the colour has also been proven to increase hunger levels. You don’t need to look any further than your nearest fast food outlet to see that!


Purple is a complex colour to work with psychologically. At first glance you might assume that purple is a typically feminine colour -however there’s much more to it than that. Purple is the colour associated with sophistication, mystery, spirituality and royalty. When used correctly, purple can transform your brand.


The pink we see on a monitor or in print is actually a variant of light red or magenta. Pink as a colour isn’t visible to the human eye. However, what humans consider to be pink has it’s own set of colour associations. It’s first of all typically associated with femininity, but did you know that it’s also it’s also associated with thoughtfulness, romance and reassurance.


As one of the most prominent logo colours, it’s clear what purpose blue holds. It’s the colour of loyalty, trustworthiness, security and establishment.


Green is another complex colour. Although it’s most often noted for its use in environmentalism, it holds several other applications. Green represents growth, health, serenity and wealth.


As the psychological power of association with the sun, yellow brightly and cheerfully represents positivity, motivation and creativity.


Orange follow the suit of yellow – being very close on the colour wheel. However orange contains enough red to have a bolder and stronger impact than yellow. Orange is typically used to represent vitality, playfulness and friendliness.


Brown says a lot more than you’d expect. Apart from being synonymous with the Earth, it also strongly represents simplicity, durability and craftsmanship


Black is one half of the ubiquitous ying and yang colour binary opposition but it has many other applications as well. It is primarily used for prestigiousness, timelessness and sophistication.


Often forgotten, white is highly underrated in colour psychology. It give the impression free space, pureness, nobility and cleanliness.

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