Top 10 most expensive keywords in Brisbane

Posted on 16 Jul by Mark Davie.

When a you make a search in Google, the paid ads are all put into order based on a number of ever-changing parameters.

The things that dictate an ad’s position are:

  • Relevancy to the search
  • Click-through-rate
  • Maximum bid per click
  • Quality of content on the website
  • And the level of competition

Some specific keywords are more expensive than others simply because of how much competitors are willing to bid on a keyword. This is all calculated in the instantaneous auction that occurs during a search and then you’re charged an amount based on if a user clicks on your ad.

We’ve compiled a short list of the top 10 most expensive keywords to target in Brisbane!

  1. “Personal Injury Lawyer” Average Cost-per-click $218
  2. “Car Accident Lawyer” Average Cost-per-click $197
  3. “Injury Lawyers” Average Cost-per-click $175
  4. “Life Insurance Online”Average Cost-per-click $175
  5. “Work Injury Law” Average Cost-per-click $148
  6. “Car Accident Compensation” Average Cost-per-click $125
  7. “No Win No Fee Lawyer” Average Cost-per-click $113
  8. “Imported Car Insurance” Average Cost-per-click $77
  9. “Australian Car Insurance Comparison” Average Cost-per-click $66
  10. “Personal Accident Insurance” Average Cost-per-click $56

Although these prices will be startling to many, it’s important to keep in mind return-on-investment to put things into perspective. Even when paying three figures per website visitor, the businesses still manage to make back their money and turn a profit.

Another important thing to consider is that your Cost-per-click bid is only one factor that determines how much you need to pay. By optimising your home page and creating relevant content you can reduce the amount you pay per click dramatically.

Another method is to target “niche” keywords which can see you paying less per click for relatively similar traffic.

There are many factors and techniques that can be used to maximise our ROI on AdWords. Our team is fully trained and certified to deliver you a high quality service which has landed us in the top 5% performing Google AdWords Partners. For more inforation on Google AdWords management visit our AdWords Management page.