What is Link Building?

Posted on 3 Nov by Mark Davie.

What is Link Building? It is not uncommon for people to ask us, what is Link Building? So we decided to put together a brief overview. Link building is the process of creating high quality external links to your website for search engines to evaluate. A good quantity of high quality links will build trust… Read more >>

Interview with Brodie Greig from worktrainweb

Posted on 1 Oct by Mark Davie.

Code Digital’s Mark Davie interviews Brodie Greig from worktrainweb about his experience within eLearning and web development. worktrainweb have provided a range of synergies on a number of projects in conjunction with Code Digital. Particularly when it comes to providing eLearning and Learning Management System (LMS) solutions for larger organisations. Partnering with a specialist for certain… Read more >>

The 3 Digital Marketing Channels that Work for Every Business

Posted on 9 Sep by Mark Davie.

With the hordes of digital marketing channels available, it’s hard for a business owner to keep up with the latest trends online. Unless you’re actively engaged in multiple channels and constantly keeping up to date with the latest tools online, it’s almost impossible to keep up and properly manage your business. In addition, there are… Read more >>

The difference between onshore and offshore SEO

Posted on 21 Aug by Mark Davie.

So you’ve been quoted $10 an hour to get all of your SEO work completed in India, the Philippines or the Ukraine. How could you go wrong? Many of our SEO clients have come to us after using offshore SEO services. Often disenchanted by their previous experiences, these clients have seen a severe lack of… Read more >>

Top 10 most expensive keywords in Brisbane

Posted on 16 Jul by Mark Davie.

When a you make a search in Google, the paid ads are all put into order based on a number of ever-changing parameters. The things that dictate an ad’s position are: Relevancy to the search Click-through-rate Maximum bid per click Quality of content on the website And the level of competition Some specific keywords are… Read more >>

What you didn’t know about YouTube advertising

Posted on 15 May by Mark Davie.

This week, Google Partners across Australia were briefed on the latest features and statistics relating to advertising on YouTube. From the 45 minute Google Hangout we’ve put together some key facts and information about the world’s second largest search engine. First of all, we have some basic facts about YouTube viewership within Australia. It might surprise… Read more >>

What do your colours say about you and your business?

Posted on 11 May by Mark Davie.

Whilst picking colours might seem like the kind of job a child could do, there’s actually much more than meets the eye. With 80% of business owners believing that design is important to business success, it’s worth putting in the effort to create a visually effective brand. So what’s in a colour? Colours have a… Read more >>

How to share access to your Google My Business page

Posted on 6 May by Mark Davie.

There a number of circumstances where a Code Digital consultant may require access to your Google My Business page, it may be for Social Media posting, Search Engine Optimisation or to keep your details updated for you. We’ve created a quick guide to sharing access to your Google My Business page, if you get stuck… Read more >>

Why use a Google Partner Agency for AdWords?

Posted on 26 Apr by Mark Davie.

We are often asked the question – Should I invest in professional AdWords Management or do it myself or have it managed internally? We have a few tips to identify whether or not employing a Google AdWords agency is worth it for your business. What is you monthly budget? The first thing to note is your… Read more >>