What Google’s “Mobile-Friendly” update means for SMEs

Posted on 21 Apr by Mark Davie.

With Google’s roll-out of what’s been dubbed a “Mobilegeddon” Update well underway, what impact can we expect forĀ SMEs?

First off, for the most part the update should be considered less of a death to non-responsive websites, and more of a boost to responsive websites. Much of what you may have heard about the updates impeding deprecation of your website has been sensationalism by the media and SEO agencies alike.

Google has said that high quality websites with relevant content may not even feel the effect of the roll-out. Having said that however, for websites looking to climb the SERPs it is highly advisable to invest in making your website mobile-friendly.

Especially in competitive search terms, every little on-site change counts and something as simple as a responsive website may mean the difference between second and first page search rankings. So before you make up your mind either way, consider your budget and goals to make a smart SEO decision.

It’s important to keep an eye on your search rankings and if you notice a drop over the coming weeks, it may be time to consider mobile responsiveness to remedy the situation.

If you would like to see how responsiveness and many other factors are effecting your website we recommend conducting a free SEO site report. Or for even more information please contact us to see how we could improve your performance inĀ search engine results.

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