Interview with Brodie Greig from worktrainweb

Posted on 1 Oct by Mark Davie.

Code Digital’s Mark Davie interviews Brodie Greig from worktrainweb about his experience within eLearning and web development.

worktrainweb have provided a range of synergies on a number of projects in conjunction with Code Digital. Particularly when it comes to providing eLearning and Learning Management System (LMS) solutions for larger organisations. Partnering with a specialist for certain applications provides outstanding outcomes for our clients and allows strong connections to the marketing/front-end element of an organisation’s online presence.

What Prompted you to get into the eLearning space with worktrainweb?

“… there was a market. Obviously for new clientèle, in the eLearning sphere. So that’s where we sort of came like a phoenix from the ashes”

What drew you towards eLearning?

“Well, eLearning is something that inspires a lot of people as an innovative way to reach audiences worldwide… It’s sort of an unbound solution… it creates universal opportunities, we’re all about creating opportunities”

How much of the [educational] content are you seeing migrated online?

“We’ve seen it transition pretty heavily. If you look at a lot of universities they’re offering a lot more online courses as a primary form of contact. You do see blended learning… so from the traditional face-to-face to where you do a lot your assessment online there is a lot facilitated online… So a lot of our clients need that. They need the online component and they need to be able to track their students and that also allows flexibility in selling courses. A student can buy a course and immediately go online and start.”

What sort of functionality is being applied in the number of commercial applications for your clients?

“It means that they can track their students and they can track what their students have reviewed, the assessments undertaken and the online components that require more involvement than just reading. They can keep that data on hand and they can review their students, rather than a scenario with a lecturer who has a lot of students, it’s going to be difficult to know exactly what these students have taken in, exactly what they’ve absorbed.”

How are commercial applications taking this on for upskilling or inductions?

“Continued professional development is one of the main applications of eLearning as an internal tool to further train staff. And again, you can track certain staff who have undertaken certain training and have met certain prerequisites. So for managers when it’s time to reassess salaries, and positions they can assess how active an employee has been in self-training and adjust accordingly.”

If I wanted to integrate this into my business, how would I go about it? Who would I approach? What would I do?

“There are a number of free options available online. One of the more notable ones is Moodle, although it doesn’t look so great out-of-the-box. So you might need to engage a web developer to theme it. You might need to expand on the existing functionality, and that’s where someone like Code Digital or worktrainweb comes in.”

If you are looking for an eLearning or LMS please contact us at Code Digital or worktrainweb.