Latest Facebook Algorithm Changes Explained

Posted on 26 Jul by Candice Antone.

Facebook Algorithm explained

Have you been penalised by the latest Facebook Algorithm? If your one of the many users who have spent weeks posting content on your Facebook business page with very little reach and an even smaller amount of likes, comments or shares, then this update has affected you. Facebook’s new update affects everyone from individuals to businesses, even pages with over 100,000 followers.

When you’re connected with hundreds or even thousands of friends, family, businesses and groups on Facebook, it’s easy to see how your News Feed could be bombarded with thousands of updates every time you log on. This is something Facebook wants to avoid because they want to create a clutter free user experience with personalised posts for every user.

Instead of having a timeline full of personally irrelevant content, such as a band’s tour dates you loved when you were 18 but now not so much, a complex algorithm prioritises these updates according to what it thinks you will enjoy.

Every time you open your Facebook News Feed, this algorithm sorts through thousands of variables such as behavioural click history, past likes or even time spent on a certain post and can predict which posts a user will click, comment, share, like, or hide. The algorithm uses a degree of confidence in its prediction which is quantified into a single number known as the relevance score. This is specific both to the user and the post itself. Every possible post and update that could be shown to you gets assigned a relevance score and from here Facebook’s algorithm ranks them in the order they appear in your news feed. Most users will only ever see the top few hundred out of a possible 1,500 – 50,000, depending how interactive you are.

So what does this mean? Basically every time you log onto your Facebook account, there was a post picked out by Facebook over thousands of others to be shown to you first, which is what Facebook predicted you will be more likely to react to.

Because of this update, many business pages have felt the sting of not having their posts shown, even to the people who have already liked their page. This is because Facebook is using more than 100 variables to assess the post content and determine if your audience will find it interesting or not.

So how do you beat this? You used to be able to reach your Facebook followers by creating good content that got a lot of likes and shares, which made it more likely be seen by friends of your followers and best of all it was free. However, with the last few updates, if you want your posts to be seen by a larger percentage of your followers, you must be continuously creating good quality and compelling content and be willing to put an advertising spend behind it.

Facebook and other social media platforms are continually updating their search algorithms and to the average small business owner, these are hard to keep up with. In order to get the best possible results and reduce the impact of these Facebook algorithm updates, social media marketing is best left to a professional.

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