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Articles relating to the latest news and insights in the field of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

10 Questions to Ask Your SEO Supplier

Posted on 13 Jul by Mark Davie.

Either you’ve gotten online and found yourself an SEO provider, or you’ve been mysteriously approached by an SEO agency cold-caller, how do you know if you’re going with the right agency? SEO is a high competition space – and with dozens of providers fighting for potential customers, they’ll say just about anything to get you… Read more >>

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) and SEO

Posted on 24 Feb by Mark Davie.

Accelerated Mobile Pages is a new open standard for publishers that intends to create streamlined pages which will load quickly on mobile devices. The idea is that users on mobile devices do not wish to use as much data to stay under metered usage levels, as well as loading pages almost instantly, even on poor… Read more >>

Penguin 4 Update: Starts with a Bang Before Quick Recall

Posted on 12 Jan by Mark Davie.

Over the Christmas break we have been working away at our clients’ SEO campaigns and have noticed some very slow movements in rankings. This is due to a lack of volatility in Google’s search algorithm during this time. The below chart is based on data taken from a wide range of samples in a wide range of… Read more >>

First: Google Releases Their Search Quality Guidelines

Posted on 20 Nov by Mark Davie.

For the first time, Google have released their search quality rating guidelines to the public. Although we have seen similar versions of this document leaked before (last in 2012), this is the first time ever that Google has made all 160 pages of this manual freely-available to the public. For those of us who are… Read more >>

What does “Above the Fold” mean?

Posted on 4 Nov by Mark Davie.

What does “Above the Fold” mean? It’s quite common to hear someone mention “above the fold” when it comes to websites and search results, so what exactly does that mean? Above the fold in terms of web development means, content or elements that are visible to the user without the need to scroll. Similarly, when… Read more >>

What is Link Building?

Posted on 3 Nov by Mark Davie.

What is Link Building? It is not uncommon for people to ask us, what is Link Building? So we decided to put together a brief overview. Link building is the process of creating high quality external links to your website for search engines to evaluate. A good quantity of high quality links will build trust… Read more >>

The 3 Digital Marketing Channels that Work for Every Business

Posted on 9 Sep by Mark Davie.

With the hordes of digital marketing channels available, it’s hard for a business owner to keep up with the latest trends online. Unless you’re actively engaged in multiple channels and constantly keeping up to date with the latest tools online, it’s almost impossible to keep up and properly manage your business. In addition, there are… Read more >>

The difference between onshore and offshore SEO

Posted on 21 Aug by Mark Davie.

So you’ve been quoted $10 an hour to get all of your SEO work completed in India, the Philippines or the Ukraine. How could you go wrong? Many of our SEO clients have come to us after using offshore SEO services. Often disenchanted by their previous experiences, these clients have seen a severe lack of… Read more >>