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Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) and SEO

Posted on 24 Feb by Mark Davie.

Accelerated Mobile Pages is a new open standard for publishers that intends to create streamlined pages which will load quickly on mobile devices. The idea is that users on mobile devices do not wish to use as much data to stay under metered usage levels, as well as loading pages almost instantly, even on poor… Read more >>

The 3 Digital Marketing Channels that Work for Every Business

Posted on 9 Sep by Mark Davie.

With the hordes of digital marketing channels available, it’s hard for a business owner to keep up with the latest trends online. Unless you’re actively engaged in multiple channels and constantly keeping up to date with the latest tools online, it’s almost impossible to keep up and properly manage your business. In addition, there are… Read more >>

How to share access to your Google My Business page

Posted on 6 May by Mark Davie.

There a number of circumstances where a Code Digital consultant may require access to your Google My Business page, it may be for Social Media posting, Search Engine Optimisation or to keep your details updated for you. We’ve created a quick guide to sharing access to your Google My Business page, if you get stuck… Read more >>

How to Setup Outlook 2013 for cPanel Email

Posted on 8 Nov by Mark Davie.

Step 1: When you first open Outlook, it will provide a “Welcome to Outlook 2013” message, follow the prompts to start setting up an account. If you don’t see this, click File > Account Settings > Add a New User Account. You want to arrive at this screen below: Step 2: On the Auto Account… Read more >>