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The Digital Marketing Experts

We use the industry's best practices to deliver outstanding results.

Our services include:

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is the process of making your website rank higher in the natural (unpaid) search engine results. We've never had a client we couldn't get onto the first page.

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Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC advertising delivers new visitors to your website immediately. Search campaigns deliver highly targeted visitors and typically yield some of the highest conversion rates.

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High Conversion Web Design

We only build websites that sell! Think of your website as your best salesperson. Who else works 24 hours a day and can serve unlimited customers at once?

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Grow Your Business

With our partnership, we'll work with you to plan an effective strategy.

Get back to running your business and leave your online marketing to a Google certified expert.

We can manage your entire digital strategy, or just part of it, but either way you get great results without having to lift a finger or employ additional staff.

A Trusted SEO Agency

Trusted by Google, trusted by clients.

We stay ahead of the rest by working directly with Google to get the latest training and product updates. As a Google Partner we only offer white hat or safe SEO techniques to our clients. Our partnership with Google also shows that our AdWords campaigns have a record of proven success and that we meet or exceed account management activity and performance guidelines.

Certification is important, but the reason you should really choose us is our proactive, client-first mindset. We really pride ourselves on getting the most out of your budget through our digital marketing strategies.

Why Invest in SEO?

An SEO strategy is crucial in order to be found online.

A staggering 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results.

Essentially free exposure

Once your SEO targets have been achieved it is essentially free advertising.

Depending on your choice of keywords and your industry it is possible to get exposure to thousands of relevant internet users every day.

Although it may be hard work to rank for competitive keywords, it can save you money as compared to paying up to $50 per click in ultra competitive categories.

More qualified leads

Search marketing allows you to target potential customers at the most critical stages of the buying cycle. Not every keyword search is created equally.

For example, do you want the potential customer to find you while they are researching a product or the store to buy it from?

We research your current ranking positions and we find the new keywords that would offer the best return for your money.

Maximise ROI

SEO offers a higher median return on investment than any other form of online marketing. Our clients have had up to 1600% ROI from their SEO campaign.

Targeting the right keywords can increase your overall traffic, conversion rates and efficiency, dealing with better quality enquiries.

The value of SEO is even greater when you consider that it delivers more longevity than any other form of advertising.

Our guarantee is priceless

If we cannot get you onto the first page within the first 90 days we will keep working free of charge until we get you there.

SEO Brisbane

SEO delivers targeted, sustainable traffic to your website.

Code Digital is a leading Brisbane-based Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and digital marketing agency. We consider SEO to be crucial to any successful digital marketing strategy. If your customers can't find you easily enough, it can kill the success of any other marketing efforts before you start, or at least add significant expense if your only method of being found is AdWords.

Improving the rankings of your website for specific search terms can expose you to a regular stream of essentially free, relevant customers who are actually interested and ready to purchase your products or services. For more information click the headings below.

SEO is only part of what we do. We generate targeted traffic and exposure to potential customers through search and display ads, which include text, images, rich media and video ads, as well as social media, viral content creation and a range of other digital marketing options.

SEO Strategy

Our SEO strategies will get your website ranking for the keyword searches that generate increased conversions and profits. We aim to deliver not only first page rankings, but also send more targeted traffic to more relevant pages so that you will achieve more enquiries, leads or direct online sales.

We start with a strategic analysis to ensure that our SEO efforts will provide an excellent return on investment for our clients. This involves the analysis of your current content, landing pages, lead funnels and/or eCommerce model to identify where you achieve the best conversions and results. We then develop an SEO strategy that will use our findings to give you the maximum benefit, delivering you more, targeted traffic.

Looking for honest and experienced SEO experts in Brisbane? Call the Brisbane SEO professionals on 1300 782 220.

How It Works

Search engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo constantly scan the internet with programs called "spiders." With the huge amount of data that is gathered, they use a complex algorithm to calculate what pages are the most relevant to the appropriate search keywords. Your website will be automatically "reviewed" based on over 200 different ranking factors. Search engines are always introducing new features to make the results more relevant to searchers and to penalise websites that use spammy, illegitimate tactics.

We improve the technical errors, ensuring that your website is easily read by the search engine spiders and we optimise the content of your website to make the site itself much more legitimate, clear and relevant to your desired keywords. We also get your content shared, liked and linked-to across the internet, but we do this with a legitimate content based strategy and we always aim to make your content as interesting and likeable as possible. We never use automated spam type tactics, because they do not work in the long run and can result in ranking penalties.

Ranking Factors

The ranking factors can be divided into 2 categories, on-page content and your off-page or back link profile. Your on-page content has many ranking indicators, such as your URL and title relevance, usage of headings, keyword density, relevance of text and images and ultimately your authority on a certain subject. We also consider important technical factors such as, meta tags, layout, page-load speed, DNS settings and error handling. Search engines like Google will even consider whether users regularly go back to the search results and instead click a different result to find what the information they wanted.

The search engines combine your on-page content with the off-page factors. A lot of information used for ranking your website is gathered from elsewhere on the internet. An authoritative, well-ranking website will have a strong backlink profile with links from authoritative, informational websites like Wikipedia. We could go on for hours with ranking factors, as there are over 200 in total.

Safe Practices

We are a trusted, white hat SEO company and we comply 100% with Google's guidelines and recommendations. We stay on top of the latest announcements from Google and use their valuable insights and resources as a Google certified partner.

Using black hat SEO techniques, such as keyword stuffing, article spinning, blog and forum spamming and paid links can get your website penalised, resulting in complete removal from the Google index. Google's spam catching techniques are improving every year and the latest updates have caused soome of our competitors to get their clients websites penalised. We avoid any borderline risky SEO techniques, because the grey hat SEO techniques of today will probably get you banned in the near future.

More Than SEO

Although SEO is a crucial part of a successful online strategy, we also offer a host of other services to help make your business a success online. Our Google AdWords management, social media management, web design, content writing, conversion rate optimisation and programming services are also available to help you get top results from the digital space and step ahead of your competitors.

To discuss improving your company website's ranking or one of our other services contact us today!

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